If its your first time climbing, that’s awesome! Most new climbers are a little nervous. We all were when we started. A staff member will give you a few pointers, show you how to clip in to the auto-belay, how to descend safely, fall from bouldering walls, etc. In other words, we’ll give you a soft intro to climbing to ensure a fun, enjoyable experience.

Our gym is housed in a small, 124 year old bank! Its super cool, but a little different than your typical 20,000 square foot warehouse with 60 foot ceilings. We offer an intimate, social experience designed by experienced climbers for enthusiasts. You can expect a fun work out, challenging climbs, and an encouraging environment for new and veteran climbers.

Our climbing walls consist of approximately 1500 sqft of bouldering along with 6 lanes of 26 foot wall climbing. 2 auto belays are available for solo climbing, and 4 lanes of top rope are available. A brief belay certification is required for top rope climbers.

You are welcome to bring your own shoes and harness, but we do offer rental gear for $5. All climbers are given a quick intro to the gym and a staff member will go over safety guidelines. Experienced climbers can demonstrate proper belay technique and get straight to climbing!