504 Climb came about when Ethan and his son Jayden started climbing in Nashville a few years ago. Jayden began climbing on team and, soon after, Ethan’s oldest son Anon fell in love with climbing as well. They started driving to Nashville almost daily to climb, finding there were no closer options on the North side of Nashville.

So 504 was born, with the goal of offering a fun, social fitness experience for both casual and enthusiast climbers. We’re low key, enjoy hanging out at any gym, and love being able to offer a local spot for you to visit.


If you haven’t been to Springfield, TN, you’re missing out. Its a picturesque small town with a great vibe and lots of new spots opening up. Still, when we started exploring, there was a clear need for entertainment and activities.

Along with friends and family, Ethan wanted to offer a positive option somewhere around the revitalizing Springfield core, and when Ethan connected with Miller Chandler, it all came quickly together. The Old Wedding Chapel, owned by Miller, was available, and a perfect sport for a boutique gym. So Ethan dove in to his first business, renovating the 1899 bank from the ground up (or really, the rafters down). You can watch the project unfold here.


504 Climb is a labor of love. We operate at a loss covered by personal funding each month. If you would like to support us, please consider becoming a patron here.